Product Description

Powerful enough to block every unecessary cell phone or WIFI signal out of your private area. Buy 5 Band Cellphone WIFI Signal Jammer with Remote Control + Omnidirectional Antennas will allow you to enjoy your peaceful free time completely. Compact design and long durable charger will attract you more.
Each successful man will make right choices at important moment when they on their career road. Or they will not get the present achievement. The same to your life, if you are still in trouble with the noises of cell phones, or you need to cut off the annoying WIFI signals. If you are eager to back to a peaceful life, now come here and get this 5 Band Cellphone WIFI signal Jammer with Remote Control+Omnidirectional Antennas.
From now and here, begin to make a difference!


  • Shielding Range:
    • -CDMA 850-894MHz 35dBm 8dBm/30KHz (min)
    • -GSM 920-960MHz 35dBm 5dBm/30KHz (min)
    • -DCS/PCS 1805-1990MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
    • -3G 2110-2170MHz 33dBm 3dBm/30KHz (min)
    • -WiFi 2400-2500MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
  • Antenna: 5pcs Omnidirectional antennas
  • Control: Wireless remote control (turn on and turn off)
  • Application Area: Prison, guard, invigilate etc
  • Working Hours: long time work continuously without stop
  • Working temperature: -40 ~ +55 degree centigrade
  • Relative Humidity: 20%-95%
  • Semidiameter of interception:Up to 40 meters(According to density of signal in your area)
  • Output power: 12W
  • Energy Consumption: 30W
  • Power Supply: AC110-220V±10% / DC5V 45-55Hz
  • Weight: 3KG
  • Product size:210*50*210mm
Note: The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer's reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc.

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