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mobile phone jammer|Mini Cell Phone Jammer Phonejammer.com Store Free International Shipping !! PvtQkJGdxhuzixt.

  • mobile phone jammer|Mini Cell Phone Jammer Phonejammer.com Store Free International Shipping !! PvtQkJGdxhuzixt
Mobile Phone and Wifi Jammer Best Manufacture with Professional Drone Blocker,Best Way for Anti Tracking,Government VIP Protection and Educational Facilities Jammer for Sale
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Introducing the smallest, most sophisticated digital cell phone jammer.

This mobile device will help prevent disturbances or noise from cellular phone calls at short distances.

Pocket-sized has a removable rechargeable high capacity battery and compatible with 4G (depends on country) / 3G / 2G networks.

Package contents: 1 x Mini Cell Jammer, 1 x AC power supply, 1 x Rechargeable battery.

* not available to USA and EU (only authorized government users).

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