Play Portable WiFi Cell Phone Signal Blocker Antenna hakGrnvcboxfbn_rcQc hot sales.

  • Play Portable WiFi Cell Phone Signal Blocker Antenna hakGrnvcboxfbn_rcQc hot sales

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This product is the Portable WiFi, Cell Phone Signal Blocker Antenna, which is designed for Jammer model JM170119. It is really useful when you have the JM170119 jammer and unfortunately the antenna is broken. If you are in this situation, instead of buying a new jammer you just need to buy such a product to replace the broken one. Besides it this antenna includes 4pcs, which can block both WIFI and cell phone signals.

If you are looking for such model of antenna, just come here and add the high quality product to your cart.


  • Antennas for Jammer model JM170119


  • 4pcs WiFi, Cell Phone Signal Blocker Antennas

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