Installation Instructions

Things you need:
Neffy Wrap
Neffy Cutter or razor blade
Sharp Scissors
3M Adhesive Super 77 or 90 Spray
Alcohol wipes or cleaner

1. Remove part you are wrapping, and clean thoroughly with alcohol wipes. Then cut Neffy Wrap to approximate size of part being wrapped, leaving overhang in case of misalignment.

2. Apply a nice even thick coat of 3M Super 77 or 90 adhesive spray. Let 3M77 adhesive "tack" for 30 seconds, or 60 seconds 3M90.

3. Overlay Neffy Wrap piece precut from Step1 and work your way from inside out. Make sure you work all the wrinkles off. If you mess up just peel upwards and redo the section. The adhesive will take care of any errors. 

4. Let your piece dry, and then flip it backwards to take care of the cutouts, vents, gauges, etc. Trim about 1/4" along the inside edge of the opening. Once finished, cut slits at the corners for nice tight corner wraps. 

5. Apply adhesive to the edges of the sections being wrapped and fold over the 1/4" overhangs nice and tightly. Do this for both the outside edges, and the cutout edges. Your piece should be coming along nicely by now...

6. Flip around and feast your eyes on some wonderful carbon fiber fabric goodness! 

7. Make sure you remember to do the ashtray covers with the same procedure. Remove any metal tabs or accents and re-install them after with a bit of hot glue gun if necessary. 

8. Install in car and enjoy!

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