This Drone Jammer is a blocking device that disconnects unwanted drones from their ground control system by jamming their GPS/GLONASS signal as well as the normally used 2.4GHz &5.8GHz frequencies. Drones exposed to electromagnetic attack thus get neutralized and loose contact with command and control station.


Jamming frequencies

  1. 1560~1620MHz 10W (GPS L1 + GLONASS L1)
  2. 2400~2486MHz 20W (WiFi 2.4G & Bluetooth)
  3. 5720~5850MHz 50W (WiFi 5.8G)
  • Jamming Radius: 300-500m, depending on the signal strength in given area.
  • Dimension: 385x445x300mm
  • Power Supply: AC220V-DC5V
  • Weight: ?16Kg


  • Cut off all the contact between drones and command/control station
  • The ground control system of drones cannot receive any aerial photography and videos.
  • Drones affected cannot be located; the interceptor can force drones to land or return to base.

NOTE: As G*U*N is a prohibited sensitive item, the G*U*N handle won't be included when actually shipping this product! (need to be equipped by the customers themselves)

Introduction on the main unit:

1. The trigger master switch of the Drone Jammer

2. 5.8G antenna port
3. GPS antenna port
4. 2.4G antenna port
5. 2.4G knob controlled switch: can be switched on by turning the knob clockwise.
6. GPS knob controlled switch: can be switched on by turning the knob clockwise.
Note: when the 2.4G switch is on, the remote controlling of a drone will be jammed. When GPS switch is on, the navigation of the drone will be blocked and the drone won't be able to return to base.

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