cell phone jammer|Mini jammer4u.co.uk Satellite J-0035C £38.00 GPS dnviiskQQwvnuov.

FREE SHIPPING now! More than 2-8 meter coverage!

You have to try this MINI GPS Jammer to make sure the car security without tracking.

Pls plug the gps jammer into a standard 12V cigarette lighter to support power, then it will protect you automatically by blocking any GPS tracking.

If you are sales personnel and delivery drivers, this GPS tracking jammer is a very popular item for you to take lunch or make a personal stop outside of your territory or route "off the radar".

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Working frequency: 1500-1600MHz
Effective jamming coverage (radius): 2-8m
To prevent GPS satellite positioning tracking
Block GPS satellite signal to protect your privacy
Charging Specifications: Cigarette Lighter (12v)
Power adjustment range: 33dBm 6dBm/30KHz (min)
Dimension: 75*20*20 mm
Storage temperature: -50~+60℃
Working temperature: -30~60℃
Relative humidity: 5~95%
Small size, high power, light weight, great coverage, easy to carry

We are a gps jammer foctory! We will check the quality before shipped! Best service!

We are a gps jammer foctory!

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